Friday, June 17, 2005

Mitered hearts for comparison Posted by Hello

You can see what a difference there was in size because of yarn choice.

These mitered hearts are a great break from Booga bags and the monotony of knitting 6400 stitches all the same. Before these mitered hearts, picking up stitches was a weakness in my knitting; it seemed like I always ended up with the stitches on the wrong needle. Now, I'm practically a pro at picking up stitches.
Red mitered heart Posted by Hello

Made with Dalegarn Sissik. This yarn is easy to knit with but it feels a little waxy. I think the flecks of colour look great.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Mitered Heart Sachet Posted by Hello

I bought Interweave Knits magazine for two patterns - this heart and a baby kimono only to find out that the heart pattern is free online as a pdf. I made this heart with mystery yarn that is thicker than the recommended yarn. It worked well because it made it easy for me to see what I was doing. The bottom square is supposed to be textured like the other squares but I didn't realize that until I was on the 3rd square. I kept going for the experience. I'm now knitting another heart out of sock yarn and it is much smaller.

Felted Booga Bag #2 Posted by Hello

I did not use Noro for this bag; I mostly used Lamb's Pride worsted which is a mingling of wool and mohair. This yarn knits up beautifully (it almost seems a shame to felt it) and felts very quickly. The mohair goes create a little bit of a halo effect after felting but if it bothers you you can always trim it. The red is a mystery wool from the thrift store and the black is Red Heart 100% wool.

Felted Booga Bag #1 Posted by Hello

Monday, June 13, 2005

Thanks EACA but I wanted to be Hitchhiker's Guide instead.

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Booga strap unfelted Posted by Hello
Booga bag unfelted Posted by Hello

The Booga Bag by Black Sheep Bags. My bag is made of Noro Kureyon; I happened to pick the same colour as the original. Partway through the 2nd skein I ran into yarn problems; a yellow section just broke at any pressure. I pulled off all the weak stuff and then got back to the knitting.

Whenever I pick up stitches I end up doing it backwards. I had to back the stitches off onto another needle and then add them to the correct needle. I think that section looks terrific.