Wednesday, July 14, 2004

It could have happened like this:

I am camping and one night I heard wonderful music from the next campsite. A womans beautiful voice dipping and rising, snatches of melody, but only a few words come through.

The next day I talked to our camping neighbours and they say "Oh, that was Jolie Holland! Isn't she great? She has an album out."

I look Jolie up on the internet and listen to a sample that sounds different, more bluesy, but still wonderful. I do not listen to all the samples or read any reviews. Silly me.

I bought the CD and pop it in the player. It is EXACTLY like the night at the campground. Exactly! Beautiful but not all there. Her diction reminds me of Jody Foster in Nell...if you let it wash over you you can make out most of the words but if you concentrate all is lost.

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