Wednesday, September 29, 2004

I was working at the computer today and I had a gingerbeer nearby because I have a strangulating cough that I'm trying to get rid of. So the gingerbeer was on my right because the desk was crowded and as I was reading I reached out with my left hand (because I'm left-handed) and took up the can and had a swig. Several things were wrong with that gingerbeer:

1) It contained real sugar
2) It was warm and flat
3) It had a live spider in it

The spider was in my mouth in a mouthful of soda. It's legs wriggled on my tongue. I spewed the soda and spider all over the carpet and there it was! A 1/4" spider running in wobbly ellipses by my feet.

I smushed it. I rarely kill spiders but this one had been in my mouth and I had to find out if it was poisonous. It was not, to my knowledge, poisonous and it didn't bite me or spew anything that I could tell - that is a particularly gross thought.

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