Friday, February 11, 2005

The Moebius scarf is very interesting and fun to knit. It is knit on circular needles. The casting on and first round were the most difficult; alfet that it was the easiest knitting I've ever done, no changing hands or switching needles. Learn about Moebius strips. I bought a book on moebius knitting by Cat Bordhi. This first moebius scarf I knitted very narrow because I was working on very small needles (36") and was unsure of what I was doing. It was a practice scarf and now I can move up to other moebius knitting.

I did wonder as I was binding off, what would happen if I bound of about 10" and then continued knitting? the 10" sort of looked like a handle. PErhaps Cat addresses these ideas later in her book.

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