Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Several people have found this blog while searching on STITCHDC. Here is a quick review of the store.

I've only been to the StitchDC store on Capitol Hill, not the one in Georgetown. The store is just across from the Navy Barracks in a section of 8th Street, SE that is nicely renovated. It may be hard to spot - the outside is pale blue. I've interacted with two different women who work at StitchDC and both were very helpful and wonderful. They made me feel free to tell of my rank amateur status and they suggested but were not pushy. They did not steer me toward "easy" patterns or expensive yarn. I had a nice conversation with one woman about the quality of knitting instructions and the importance (to me) of not having the knitting treated too zen. I do like a little humour and straight forward instructions. (sigh) A diagram with labelled parts is always helpful.

The StitchDc store is beautifully lit with natural light and is 2.5 rooms deep. It is not cluttered, many of the yarns are in oak looking cubbies. Some yarns are hanging from hooks against the walls. There is a small section travelling from the front to the back where non-knitting goods are displayed for sale. Kitschy and arty kitchen and dinner ware (written up in the NYT in February!). There is a nice variety of yarns, even I could tell that, and prices ranged from $4 - $30 a skein. Yes, I had shock at the high prices but I took full advantage of sales and all of the range of lovely yarns.

Edited to add the link: http://www.stitchdc.com/

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