Thursday, September 19, 2002

We met on the net and built a relationship over debate and discussions on many issues. We agreed to meet in town by the bookstore. It was a beautiful September morning and as we walked to the park we chatted about happenings on the net and current events. There weren't many people in the park so we perched on a wall to watch and wait. We were approached by a man who wanted us to sign his religious political petition. He wouldn't take "No!" for an answer so we were soon tag team debating him on religious freedom, separation of Church and State, and God in our lives. He seemed a little shocked at the energy and knowledge that his comments evoked in us. It was exciting and got my mind and blood racing. Tchah! His closed cycle thinking and scattered logic got old fast and we moved on. We walked the plaza from end to end looking for "our type of people". We found them; they found us. It was good to know we weren't alone. We had come to speak our minds and exercise our rights. Different women and men spoke about how things were and how they are and how they should be. My body resonated with the action while my mind sorted what was said. We were one, we were flushed (or was that sunburn), we were euphoric.

Two hours later we went our separate ways.

We were strong. We were sexy.

We were middle-aged protestor Moms.

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