Friday, October 10, 2003

My brother-in-law is an asshole. A manipulative lying dickhead, an affront to penises everywhere. He has the appalling nerve to lie to people and think that I will back him up. He lies to people we see and talk to and then gets upset (I'm such a mean and spiteful bitch) when we deny the statement and I affirm I never said that.

If he thinks that I will support his emotional and verbal abuse of a woman, he is wrong. Wrong!

He is not making even a token move to address his drug addiction. He counts any mention of his open use of cocaine and crack as "bad mouthing". In my mind it is warning the innocent and unaware that they may be putting their children and finances into danger.

He is not attempting to be mature in this breakup. How many times has he broken up in his life and yet he has not learned how to be reasonable about it. He may not use the fact that we are related to strongarm people into doing what he wants. If he REALLY cares about his relationship breakout impinging on our daily lives, he would make his own plans for division of material goods OR follow the steps that we offered when he asked what to do.

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