Saturday, January 24, 2004

Cooking from Escoffier is a bit of a challenge since no temp or times are mentioned.

Côtes de Porc a la Flamande (pork chops and apples)

Season both sides of the chops and brown them on both sides in fat or butter (mmm bacon fat). Peel and slice eating apples allowing 3oz per porkchop. I used enough apples for 6 chops since the chops were extremely thick. Throw the apples in an earthenware dish (or dutch oven). Put the half-cooked chops on top and drizzle with leftover cooking fat. Complete the cooking in the oven. "Serve the dish as it stands."

I cooked at 325 for 30 minutes+ (I lost track of time so it was good that the chops were very thick).

At least I didn't need to flip back and forth to sub-recipes for this one. Everyone loved it; the chops were nice and juicy.

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