Tuesday, February 03, 2004

It's always something!

Today I was doing some painting and stopped at the kitchen sink to wash out my brush. I felt something wet on my foot and looked down to see green tinted water (from the paint) seeping into a puddle on the floor. A quick inspection found nothing wrong so I swiped up the puddle and continued. More green water on the floor. A thorough inspection with running water showed that the sink drain pipe has broken horizontally into two pieces that looked whole but leaked. I pushed at the leak and the pipe separated. Removing the two ends of the pipe took over an hour. I spent a good bit of that time trying to turn one not the wrong way. I learned "Left loosy, Righty tighty" but only one of the three was threaded in that manner. My hands hurt. In the U-trap I found a paintbrush and three very nasty looking popsicle sticks (and loads of disintegrating food bits). I took all the parts to the local hardware store and they gave me the new parts. I got home and started putting it together and found that a)the pipe needs to be shortened with a hacksaw and b)I was missing a washer. My problem is that a)I am horrible at straight line cutting and b)it had started sleeting and our driveway was a mess.

I'm cooking dinner and just realized that we have no paper plates.

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