Saturday, January 19, 2008

I got lucky at the Thrift Store!

I always check out the fabric/wig/showercurtainring section of the Thrift Store just in case and this time I got lucky. Mind, I've gotten lucky before with cones of lovely shetland yarn but this time it was needles. Not slightly melted plastic needles or weirdly warped straight needles. I found 2 pairs of ADDI'S! In perfect condition! Still in the packaging! Ok,I probably used too many explamation points but it was very exciting!

I got one set of Addi turbos size 11 40" and one pair of wooden Addi's (I dodn't even know they made them) 4mm 80cm. The package for the smaller needles was inside the package of the bigger needles. There was also a single serving of Dutch chocolate sprinkles which are delicious on toast. I did not know they sold those sprinkles in single servings - boy would that help the portion control when we have them in the house! There was also a business card from Astrid's Dutch Obsessions (that wxplains the chocolate sprinkles) owned by Atrid Vane.A note on the back of the card thanks Linda for her patience and wishes her happy knitting. It's almost like a short story in my head. I love this sort of connection!

I added the needles to my Ravelry info and have already started using them. What am I knitting? Oh the same old thing - that top for my daughter's christmas present.It was done on Christmas day but she askedme to lengthen the sleeves and bottom of the bodice. She thanked me nicely for the top but raved about it to her friends so I KNOW she likes the design. I'm so happy to make her something she will wear.

I starteda pair of hand warmers from Knitty (charmed or the guy version) but my knitting time is set to the sweater.

I'm also spending more time than I like to admit playing Scrabulous and Scramble.

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Engranon said...

Score! Great find on the Addis. I really like the Addi Natura needles (the wood ones). They just feel good in my hands.