Sunday, February 17, 2008

Things I've done this year that I feel very good about:

1) I sent my kids to a 2 night 4-H Camp. I rested, read, knit and

2) Fixed the roof gutter. One end of the gutter has been tearing away from the roof for almost a year. I did not listen to the men at HomeDepot (I curse you for bankrupting our local hardware store) who said I had to replace the whole gutter system. I fixed the gutter myself and it has held up through huge rains and some snow and ice.

3) Arranged child care and went to an all day fiber workshop.

4) Had two lovely friends care for my children so I could go to a weekend retreat.

5) Committed to a job as a Special Ed aide through this school year.

6) Stopped changing the sheets on my kids' beds and let them figure out where that smell came from and how to fix it.

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Anonymous said...

Very empowering, especially #6. ;-)