Thursday, September 04, 2003

Dinner tonight will be grilled chicken breasts served on a bed of soba noodles and steamed spinach with garlic and topped with a peanut and ginger sauce. This is one of the most satisfying meals I have ever had! The original recipe called for tofu and almond butter (and it is delicious that way!) but I've morphed it to suit my whole family.

When I first got "Feeding the Whole Family" I gave it to my daughter and suggested she pick out a few recipes that she thought would be nice in her lunchbox. In less than an hour she had marked 30 recipes. I was a little surprised but I started making them one at a time for her lunches. On the third day she said, "I made a mistake. I thought tofu was that Indian sweet, you know? Barfi?" That cut down the recipes she had chosen to four or five.

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