Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Today at the co-op, the checker in the next aisle wished a male customer to "have a blessed Day". That's a little over the top for the co-op so I turned to watch. They usually just smile or say "Thanks" or "Have a great afternoon!" or "Can I take those to the car for you?" The customer looked surprised as well, his eyebrows were *up*. He smiled and replied that he hoped she'd "Have a happy and healthy day."

I thought that was a good deflection. It made a point in a gentle way. Happy and healthy certainly go with the organic nature of the co-op whereas "blessed" has nebulous religious baggage.

The checker didn't buy it. She argued with the customer! Is it argueing? Yes, I think so, her tone was combative. She claimed that without the blessing there is no real happy or healthy.

The customer caught my eye and I gave a little shrug. He stayed silent as she went on. I turned back to my cashier and turned down a helping hand with the groceries. I headed out with my healthy booty and as I elbowed the door open I heard the next customer in line muttering about weirdos. Was she talking about me. the blessing cashier, or the happy and healthy man?

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