Friday, June 11, 2004

Swim team is for rich people. The pool fees are reasonable at $360 per family for the summer because I know we will be there, swimming and playing, 4-5 days a week. Having a cool shady place with a pool is worth that much money. Then there are team fees of $35 per child, competition suits at $37 a piece, practice suits $17 each (I sigh for the days I could buy them $2 thrift store suits), goggles $13 each, caps $3 each.

360+35+35+35+37+37+37+17+17+17+13+13+13+3+3= $672

Perhaps there are sliding scale fees I'm not aware of. Maybe I can find someone to pass the swimsuits down and on.

We've just sort of stumbled into this. Oldest m'toto was aiming for swim team 2 years ago but an emergency appendectomy put her out for the season. This year all three wanted to get involved. It is a healthy exercise. They have practice for an hour 4 nights a week and optional hour of practice during the days (with more personal instruction).

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