Saturday, February 11, 2006

Knitting Olympics

I have cast on for the Knitting Olympics as organized by Yarn Harlot. In the strategy of Venezuela and Ethiopia I am entering these Winter Games as the Kenyan Team. I have, of course, missed the official deadline for signing up but that is (vague wave) not necessary for the experience. Efforts to engage other knitters in the family have failed.

I have cast on a Toddler Sweater.

I have been knitting. For Christmas I made 24 tiny sweaters as ornaments to be given as presents, 4 tychus Hats, a Boing hat and then I frogged it. I made a hat from Sally Melville's Purl book. I also made (but not for Christmas) a Mosaic Scarf from MAGKnits (sorry browser acting up) and an Irish Hiking scarf from Hello Yarn which was my first excursion into cables. I then tried a cabled sweater but I've had to frog it 3 times and I'm giving it a break.

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