Saturday, February 18, 2006

Last night was G's dinner. He chose homemade sausage pizza, salad, and fruit salad. He made the dough in the mixer but I put everything else together because he's been having intestinal issues for the last few days.

Tonight was A's dinner. She made grilled chicken enchiladas (I grilled the chicken and YES it was freezing outside today), steamed carrots, and Berry Yum (whipped cream and fresh blackberries in a chocolate cookie crust). The yum was nice except that my piece was riddled with cookie crumbs and I really dislike that texture. Blech! The blackberries were very tasty.

Tomorrow I'm back in charge of the meals. I'm planning a stew for dinner. My microwave suddenly died today and I am realizing how I use it for almost every meal in some capacity or another.

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