Saturday, February 25, 2006

Team Kenya is taking it to the photo finish!

I ran into a snag with my second sock; I ran out of yarn. Yes, I'm getting gauge for row and stitch but I still ran out. Go figure! While we were out getting groceries I dropped into the 'local' yarn store The Yarn Garden to get a supplemental skein. Sadly, they were out of this particular Jo Sharp Rare Comfort Infusion Mohair (long-o name) in colour 614.

We came home and I moped for a while about maybe finishing the sock in a different colour of mohair or missing the Olympic deadline. WAH! Since the laundry was well in hand I decided to search out another yarn store. Local is certainly a relative term. The Yarn Garden is about 15 miles (25 minutes on the highway) from our house and StitchDC is also 15 miles away but it may take 25-35 minutes to get there and parking can be a problem. Today I went exploring to Fiberworks. Fiberworks is 25 miles away and it took about 45 inutes to get there and less than 30 to gt back (I recognized where we were and took a shortcut). Fiberworks is more crowded with yarn than StitchDC and The Yarngarden. StitchDC is the least crowded. Fiberworks had a good selection, a variety of prices, and the owner was able to tell me exactly where to look for the Jo Sharp mohair. Yay! They had the beautiful and needed colour. I also picked up a Jo Sharp book I've been looking for and three balls of Aran Tweed.

My policy of knitting whilst watching Olympics seems to be paying off. The sock is only a few centimeters from the toe!

I am also keeping to the Knitting Olympic oath by doing the laundry, loading the dishwasher, and comforting puking children (blech!). tonight A cooked the dinner of 2 kinds of ravioli (cheese and pumpkin) is two sauces (creamy tomato and olive oil garlic) and salad. SOME people felt the need for dessert so there was left over Yum and lime popsicles.

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