Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fat Tuesday and those Slouchy Socks

Those slouchy Olympic socks made my family laugh very hard. They are like leg warmers with feet; I can wear them OVER my jeans. I Think that they look great worn over a pair of tights with ankle boots and a mid-calf skirt.

Yesterday was Fat Tuesday (also known as Shrove Tuesday). We shrive (?) every day in confessional prayer and did not schedule confession at church. We did have a special fat and carb dinner last night along with a discussion of how Fat Tuesday used to be about thrift and not gluttony. People would not eat fats, sugar, or meat during Lent so they would have a feast to clear those ingredients from the house so that they wqouldn't go bad before Easter. That's not really an issue for people who don't give up those things anymore. Our family doesn't give up all of those things as a family - last year we only bought organic meat during Lent; we ate less meat as a result and I liked supporting the small farmers. We still buy about 60% organic meat. Last year G, then 7, gave up struggling over bathtime. We usually pick something new up for Lent and then keep it - some habit of kindness or prayer...something that helps us to live more like we think we should be living.

What did we have last night for dinner? Bangers and mash, carmelized onions, green beans, and fondue!

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