Thursday, March 02, 2006

Frog or Tink?

Frogging is scary. Really! Maybe it is because I knit into the back of each stitch (don't ask - I taught myself from a book and must be somewhat dyslexic) but when I frog the stitches I can't tell when to stop (sigh) and I generally lose a couple of stitches into the edges. Anyway, even using the hint to hold the knitting flat and frog until the live yarn is on the left I still mess up frogging. Frankly, if I have to frog a row or two then I frog the whole thing and start over. It's less confusing. Oh, and I didn't find out for MONTHES that it's called frogging because you rippit out. groan

I had read about people tinking but wasn't sure what it meant. Okay, I'm still not sure what it means to other people but to me it means unknitting (tink = knit backwards). When I tink, I turn the knitted work around so that the opposite side is towards me. Then I put the tip of the right sided needle into the lower loop (beneath the next stitch on the left needle); I slide that loop onto the right needle while pulling gently on the live yarn. The position of the live yarn (on the you side of the needle or the away side of the needle) depends on whether you are tinking knit stitches or purl stitches. When I tink, I do not lose any stitches and I have more control over the rate of unknitting.

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