Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Lots of bike riding - lots of knitting.

I've finished knitting the alpaca shawl but it needs to be blocked. I also finished a handspun softsoftsoft moebius scarf for my husband but it fits me not him. Hmmmm, what to do? I finished two scarves.

And, I must be nuts! I obviously have overblown ideas about my own skills and time management because I have started Birch in Kid Silk Haze in a fuschia colour. In the ball this yarn feels soft but nothing prepared me for how soft and wonderful it feels when knit. Upside: soft soft soft Downside: slippery. I am also using bamboo needles which are good because they are more sticky than metal but bad because they are not very pointy and that makes some of the stitches more dificil. I am using huge numbers of stitch markers. At first I was spending over 30 minutes on each row but today I finished 8 rows (woohoo 1 set!). I am now 1/15 done. Think I can finish by New Years?

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Anonymous said...


Came across your blog looking for Enid Blyton ebooks... and then I kept on reading.

So it thought i may let you know that somewhere in Australia someone is reading your blog