Friday, August 25, 2006

Bike Blog

I biked again this moring, only 8 miles this time. The mower machines were still working on the path, now they are working out all the way to the edges of private property. I saw no rabbits and only a few birds (1 male cardinal and some little grey and brown birds). no rabbits, no fox.

On the trail I saw 4 bikers, 2 joggers, 1 walker, and a couple walking. I've seen the couple before; their home touches on the bike path. The woman usually has her hair in curlers.

The trail is usually pretty clean, except for the horse poop, but today I saw cheap beer cans scattered along the stretch I ride.

It took me 45 minutes to ride my eight miles. There are 2 short sharp uphills and two slow long uphills going and 2 slightly less sharp uphills and 3 long slow uphills coming back.

Did I say this before? I've gotten right back into pedalling in a circle instead of pushing down but I still find my shoulders clenched and hunched; it may be the size of the bike.

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