Wednesday, August 02, 2006

A Meme, because sometimes even I fall for them.

5 Things always in my purse:

*I don't carry a purse. I do own a reticule sort of bag for special occasions when I have no pockets. then it usually holds my money clip (license, credit card, insurance card, money) and my keys.

5 Things always in my wallet :

*I don't carry a wallet either. I carry a money clip with cards and money in it.

5 Things always in my refrigerator:

* Filtered water in the Brita
* Eggs
* Yogurt
* Yeast
* Milk

5 Things always in my closet:

* Yarn
* Shoes
* clothes
* sheets
* towels

5 Things always in my car:

* Water - I keep a case of bottled water in the trunk
* Sticky backed foam letters (some sort of craft explosion happened last year
* water bottle lids
* A book
* A small knitting project

5 Things always on my desk:

* Pens
* Piles and piles of piles
* Telephone
* Small pieces of paper with passwords, telephone #'s, or links on them
* Earrings

5 Things always on my mind:

* What was I doing?
* Why am I doing this?
* Why can’t I find a pen that works?
* Where are the kids?
* Where is my husband?

5 Things always on my heart:

* Love
* Family
* Friends
* Being me - all the way
* People who are worse off than me, and there are a lot of them

If you’d like to play along, consider yourself tagged.

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