Thursday, August 24, 2006

No Biking today

I mowed the yard instead. Phew!

I am working on several knitting projects these days. One is a sock that I am carefully tinking because somehow I knit it fine until the heel and then I knit it inside out. I still can't figure out how I did that. Project #2 is the alpaca shawl I started for myself last year. It is a relatively simple Sally Melville pattern but last Fall it was the project I took to the weekly community knitting party and I made mistakes, several times. The third project is a wrap in Cherry Hill yarn. The yarn is very fine and the pattern is simple but it takes a lot of time to see any progress: row 1 is all knit and row 2 is k1p1 and each row is 150 stitches long. The fourth project which I started because I needed something that wasn't difficult and would show progress quickly is a sweater in green Manos.

Pictures soon.

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