Saturday, August 05, 2006

I'm taking a break from "One Skein Wonder"s to clean up my sewing desk. Today I put the loose items from the top of the desk into the appropriate drawers and tonight I'm doing the small mendings that have been waiting for me for over a year.

I have finished:

Sewing the seam on a pillow which came from the factory with a large open section
Attached the rope handle for a small felted and embroidered Tajik purse
Removed the usable hardware from a defunt vest and a pair of overalls
Re-attached the trim along the edge and arm of a Tajik jacket

There is still a pile of 15 or so items.

Update: Add to the finished pile 2 soccer jerseys which had sagging hems, 2 pairs of pants with gaping seams in the rears, one button added to a pair of tiedie overalls. I also cut the buttons off a pair of khakis that were frayed beyond my skill to repair.

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