Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bike Blogging

On August 13th my kids were away and I stayed home from church. I decided to go for a bike ride on the nearby Rails to Trails path. You would not believe how many barriers I put in the way of going on a simple ride: I don't have the right clothes, my bike is gone (I think I sent it to Good Will several years ago because it was so heavy), there's no water bottle clip on the kid bike, my husband's racing bike has weird tires and I can't figure them out. I didn't give in and finally made it onto the trail. I covered about 8 miles that day, down to the end of the trail and back, even though I had to walk the last long uphill. I was sore for several days afterwards but I had such a good time that I planned to go again.

This week school started and I found a great time to go for a bike ride. You see, I balk at the walk to the bike path because it is a whole 2 blocks away. Pretty silly really to balk at walking two blocks in order to willingly ride 8-9 miles. Happily, the bus stop for my younger children is halfway to the trail. So if I get everything together, I can walk my bike and the children to the bus stop and after the bus departs, I'm already on my way to the path! Woohoo!

Yesterday I saw 4 bicyclists, a jogger with a jog stroller, and 3 walkers on the trail, also several rabbits, lots of birds I can't identify, and loads and loads of horse poop. I also added an extra bit at the end of the ride, I deliberately overshot my exit and rode for half a mile so I got an extra mile in.

Today I saw 6 bicyclists going one way and 1 going both ways, 2 walkers, and a runner (much faster than a jogger), several rabbits, many birds I cannot identify, a male cardinal, a turkey buzzard, deer poop, fox poop, dog poop, and loads of horse poop. I also met a truck from the Parks Dept and 2 heavy duty mowers. The mowers were run by guys wearing white coveralls with attendant headgear and breathing masks. I believe they were mowing and spraying with a defoliant. I wonder how that will affect the rabbits? I did the extra mile and it felt very good.

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