Wednesday, November 14, 2007

As a break from the pink hoodie (my eyes are burning and my thumb tendons ache) I cast on for the Unoriginal Hat from Yarn Harlot. Then I frogged it and cast on again on larger needles, twice. It is now on size 10 needles and it still looks tiny. It looks like it would be a lovely cuff for a sweater for me. Well, maybe a little big for a cuff. Also a little out of focus in this shot.
The colour is actually gentler than the photo suggests.
On the substitute teacher front - one of 2nd graders called me Home Skillet. That is so....10 years ago, maybe even older. The same child shared something surprising about himself...he can take down an 18 year old. I suspect he has an 18 year old sibling who indulges him. OTOH, I'm not going to tempt him to take down a 40something; I might not be able to get up.

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