Monday, November 19, 2007

A whirlwind of a weekend. Genetics are funny; all three of my children are extroverts but my husband and I are introverts. We would be happy spending the weekend with one other person or largely alone and visit with friends or family once or twice a month but the kids like to see other people ALL the time, pretty much.

Friday was another tough teaching day. Friday night was our regular pizza and movie (most recent episode of Survivor and Project Runway). Saturday morning we raced out to Kolhl's around 7:30 so the girls could look at and try on some clothes they saw online; nothing was bought. Then we went into town for our parish reconciliation day. IMO, lots of people needing reconciliation did not show up. LOL! but some of us did and we needed it as well. The process was a little vague for me; I really like a set of discrete steps and while the plan was to have three sets of reading interspersed with mediations and then speakingof things we heard or thought of from the reading followed by eucharist the reading/mediation/talking parts got smooshed together. Father M. who ran the day had a stream of consciousness method of reading and explaining the scripture readings and I found it hard to concentrate. I suppose I really wanted more meditation time. HOWEVER, I thought several times throughout themorning how grateful I was to have this open process rather than a leader who would say

It is 9:30, we will do A, B, C and you will have reached reconciliation by 12:30. Hey, it's almost 12, get with the program and reconcile already. there, you are done.

Instead Father M told us that reconciliation is a gift from God and we will each reach it in our own time and way. We must each personally be open and prepared. In each of us guilt and hurt are mingled and we cannot just decide that we will forgive or be forgiven unless we are at the right place and that will take time. The time will be different for different people and we may be ready to forgive before the other people are ready to ask for it or to apologize and that is ok. It is our own process that is important NOT where other people are and how they are doing (other than that we care in a community way and wish to pray for and help others as we can). Reading the scriptures, prayer, and mediation are parts of readying ourselves as is talking in the community.

Anyway, it wasn't what I would have chosen but it worked for me.

We were home for a few hours and then spent the evening with friends talking, laughing, and hugging their children and mine.

On Sunday we went to church where the children sang in the youth choir and they were BEAUTIFUL! They all sang out clearly and with confidence. There was a nice feast prepared by the choir and then we went to a joint merger meeting from 1-3. I managed to stop for groceries on the way home. I was tired when I got home and even more tired when I realized I hadn't made the week's bread, done the laundry, swept or washed the floors, or done any knitting. It took until very late but I got most of the bread made, the laundry done, and I vacuumed the floors.

I also finished the Unoriginal hat (a little small for me but it fits the kids well) and started on a headband. Most of my sisters and both my daughters have long hair so I thought headbands would make nice stocking stuffers for Christmas.

Tomorrow: the Thanksgiving plan.

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