Tuesday, November 20, 2007

I heard on the news today (good grief it must have been a slow news day) that Oprah had released her 2007 list of Favorite Things.

Here are my current favorites. Enjoy!

Favorite Facial Cleanser:
Burt's Bees Orange Essence Facial Cleanser This cleanser works for me because my skin is weirdly normal but if I mess with it reacts with excessive oiliness AND dry patches. Back in the day I couldn't wait to be old enough to use Noxema and then it burned several layers off my face and a few hours later oil was dripping off my forehead. With the orange cleanser, I get clean and moisturized without trauma. A couple of years ago I got contact dermatitis on my underarms (ouch) and I found that after I washed my face in the shower if I used the leftovers on my hands for my underarms, the rash got better. YMMV. I have also often used and keep in the house Burt's Bees lip balm and Farmer's Friend (I've used it on hands, feet, face, lips, and baby bottoms).

Favorite National Parks: I have to do two because the National Mall is considered a park. Pisgah National Park is a great place to hike and camp and holds the absolutely exhilarating Sliding Rock. Large sections of DC including the Smithsonian museums, the Arboretum, the Memorials, and the C&O Canal.

Favorite Charity: Heifer International for the practicality of the method and needs met. Plus I just get all happy thinking of people receiving bunnies, sheep, or bees to sustain their families and communities.

Favorite Blog: Making Light is wonderful! I knew almost nothing about publishing when I first started reading ML and now I know a little more, and it is interesting, but really the comments and sidebars and articles are varied and silly and intelligent and ummmm arete.

Favorite Kitchen Appliances: Our KitchenAid Mixer which was an expensive engagment gift but has worked without problems for 18 years. I've used it weekly to knead our bread and pizza dough since I started having problems with my hands. I've made sweet high meringues, sticky marshmallows, cookie doughs of all sorts, and to many sauces to name. My few accessories for it include a dough hook, paddle, whisk, and splash guard. Ok, I own the splash guard but I haven't seen it since last year; it is here somewhere. It wipes down easily and the accessories always come clean in the dishwasher. I also love my OXO can opener; even my kids can open tomato sauce or tunafish cans with it.

Favorite Dancing Around the House Music: It does depend on my mood but lately there is a lot of Michael Franti and Spearhead - catchy music, singable, and good messages. Visiting 3 year olds left singing "All the funky people make the beauty of the world". Also getting a lot of play time are Me First and the GimmeGimmes because what can beat a punk cover of Delta Dawn (lots of their other stuff sui the answer).

Desperation Music: When I'm feeling like a taint bit of wallowing in my despair and grief, Ray Lamontagne keeps me company.

Favorite Fruit: Right now I'm luxuriating in the beauty and flavour of pomegranates. Today I introduced my class to pomegranates and persimmons. There were gasps of awe when I cut the persimmon in half and the internal patterning was revealed. More gasps welcomed the first glimpses of the jewel like pomegranate seeds. I've never followed the advice of the linked website and so my hands are generally stained during this season.

Favorite Longlasting Dog Toy: Our dog LOVES Tuffies and our toy has lasted for more than a month through daily heavy duty play.

Favorite Entertainment Systems: Netflix, Public Libraries, and 96 Crayons with a couple of Bellerophon colouring books.

Favorite Fast Food: Pollo Rico if not this exact one then one like it - a hole in the wall with delicious and fragrant rotisserie chicken sandwiches and yuca fries.

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Engranon said...

Thank you! Great list - I had never heard of Michael Franti and it has been ages since I read Making Light. I love good reminders and recommendations.