Friday, May 27, 2005

I consider myself good at ebay. Really. I've bought and sold and gotten some great bargains. I've only once bought stolen goods and the police said I didn't have to give the NASCAR model car back since we had already put it together. I've always sighed when I heard about people who went crazy on ebay and filled up their whole houses with ebay stuff they didn't need. These people need help (I said) they need therapy or medication or self-control. I mean, FLAX clothing is my only clothing weakness and I manage to only look now and then and buy even less often...and even then only stuff that I fits my wardrobe.

And then I checked ebay for yarn. It was an innocent attempt to find a matching skein of Giotto without going back to the very expensive and very addictive LYS. I started hyperventilating and got all shaky.! There were pages and pages of Colinette yarn. Lot after Lot of beautiful colours and wonderful paragraphs of descriptions. AND almost all of them were cheaper than the LYS...even with shipping added! I brought my breathing under control and noticed the few auctions where the yarn was way higher than LYS's prices. Rare colours?

I did not buy any yarn. I did not bookmark any lots.

Every day I resist the impulse to check out ebay and see what is for sale. I am trying to stay away until I need yarn.

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