Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Someone recommended French Women Don't Get Fat to me. I do agree with the dietary ideas inside, that a little of wonderful things like cake and butter are good choices but that moderation is the key.

I do have a problem with the title and the idea that it plants. It is bad enough that we marginalize women and especially fat women and that the media continues to push the ideal of extra-skinny women. Must we now deny even the existance of a portion of French women? 25% of French women are obese (way lower than the US) and this title pretends that they do not EXIST. Well, they do exist and they deserve to exist and they deserve to be included in the whole picture of women worldwide. (sigh) I just can't bring myself to read the book because the title pisses me off; I rant to myself after every mention or sighting and now, dear blog, I rant to you.

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