Thursday, May 19, 2005

I went to StitchDC and I got LOTS of fun yarns and a book and it hardly cost me anything! Hard to believe? (g) I had gift certificates.

I loaded up on Colinette yarns because they are fun! And I got a Colinette book so that my daughter and I could have instructions to follow for this fun yarn. I have three skeins of Colinette 5 Point in Zebra colourway that were for my husband's moebius scarf but the knit was too heavy and tight. I may order larger gauge circular needles and try again and I may just use it for some funky project.

I didn't buy the absolutely beautiful deep purple 5 Point. I couldn't swing it with the gift certificates but I do have a birthday coming up.

Here is what I got; photos will follow.

Artyfacts a book of fun projects. I really like the Iris hat and most of the projects use one skein.

2 skeins of Shimmer 5 in Monet colourway.

1 skein of Giotto in Lapis. The Giotto in Frangipani was AMAZING but I couldn't buy everything. You know what? Going to the yarn store is a little like going to the animal shelter...I want to take them all home but our home can only handle so much. Of course, yarn doesn't love you back and while the yarn may get dusty, put on sale, or sent back (can they do that?) the store will not kill the unsold yarn.

1 skein of Shimmer 5 in Jay.

1 skein of Tagliatelli in Toscana. The colours in Tagliatelli were awesome.

Other Colinette yarns I liked but have to save for another day or (please God) a sale were Wigwam and Prism.

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